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$244.95 *Price will be varry based on the gallon



Usage Instruction
One gallon mixed of solution treats up to 1000 sq. ft. for monthly preventative spraying agendas for ALL Insects

4 oz. to 1 gallon of water. Each gallon makes 32 gallons ready to use spray solution Enough for 32,000 sq. ft. Formulated for outside use.

Natures Defender ECO GREEN is a Chemical Free Cedar Oil Solution specially created for Pre or Post treatment of insect infestations. It is formulated at the highest Cedar Oil concentration levels possible for use by Professional Lawn Care Companies, Exterminators and Pest Control Operators. Performs best when applied with a hose end applicator or high volume water delivery systems. It can also be applied with trigger, compression and pressure sprayer applications. It is designed for immediate insect control results when used for OUTSIDE  treatments of Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Governmental, Equine and Dairy entities. It is effective for control of Mosquito, Flea, Tick, Fly, Chigger, No-See-Um, Mite, Moth's, Bed Bug, Japanese Beetles, Scorpion, Carpet Beetles, Ants, Mole Crickets,Termites, Box Elder Bugs, Silver Fish, Roaches, Palmetto Bugs, Lice and numerous other Non-Beneficial Insects. Natures Defender ECO GREEN provides the ultimate in control of GRUBS when applied to turf areas such as sod farms or golf courses experiencing subterranean infestations resulting in damage to the sod. The Cedar Oil and Ethyl Lactate formulation dissolves the insect egg and larvae eliminating the Next Generation of arthropod, while the aromas of Cedar create a barrier of entry making the treated area off limits to any flying or crawling pest.  EXCELLENT AS A SCORPION AND SNAKE REPELLENT. This product can also be used in Misting and Irrigation Systems. Numerous concentrations of Natures Defender ECO GREEN for various insect conditions can be formulated by the user of Natures Defender ECO GREEN from the schedule provided with the container. The product is considered SAFE TO CHILDREN AND PETS and has no effect on beneficial insects such as Lady Bugs, Butterflies, and amphibians such as Frogs and Toads. It is classified as a Minimum Risk Pesticide by the EPA. NO APPLICATORS LICENSE IS REQUIRED. Normal safety precautions should be practiced when using this product. Natures Defender ECO GREEN is sold in quart and gallon containers. Avoid contact with eyes.