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I have been giving everyone the "nod" about Natures Defender. Inside, outside; ants, fleas, mosquitoes, white flies, palmetto bugs, plant pests, scale, mealy bugs. It seems as if we were supposed to have every known pest infestation this year. Even with the screened in pool and patio area, the mosquitoes were so bad that the area was unusable UNTIL I purchased the first trial size. I bought a small, hand held fogger and diluted the solution, went outside to spray and watched in awe as the stinging critters fell like a cloud into the pool. The fog falls and the mist lands on the surrounding surfaces rendering them not only un-inviting to pests but lethal! Standing water mosquito larvae come up to breathe and are quickly killed when they encounter the cedar solution on the surface of their little pond or vessel.

Inside the house, I made a weak solution and mopped the floors and inside cabinets with it. Fogged the attic and rooms lightly with a slightly stronger solution leaving the great hint of cedar wood. Set the fogger running at the HVAC intake to treat the duct work and further the deodorizing, aromatic effect for the rest of the house.

Outside, there was an ant infestation. If you want to have some fun, try encircling a bunch of ants with this solution they won't cross it and any unfortunate ant that gets this on them is dead very quickly. I find that mixing up a weak solution and applying it with a watering can really deters the ants and many other insects from returning. The oily solution enters the soil and works on the subterranean pests as well. The neighbor had white flies in the hedge so I applied a solution with a hand-held pump-up sprayer. I could have used the hose and the hose applicator but wanted a heavier dosing as the flies are a problem now. You should have seen those white flies take out of the hedge when I started spraying. Now, and even after a heavy rain, you can rub your hand over the foliage and no white flies scatter. Like most people, I don't like the palmetto bugs in the house. After treating with Natures Defender, the only ones I see are either dead or suffering so badly that they are easily scooped up for disposal. I recently sprayed one I found outside and he was very, very unhappy but only for a little while because he expired in short order.

My neighbors have some great dogs and cats and I have been treating them for fleas and ear mites. You will enjoy the skin softening effect of this product on yourself as you apply it to your furry friends. Just a little on your hands and then on the fur rubbing into the skin. Their coat will shine and they won't scratch so much. Ear mites can really torment an animal and affect their disposition as well as their hearing. Mites cannot tolerate this product.

I use this product lightly on myself and my clothing when going outside. I am never tormented by no-see-ums or mosquitoes. I still am amazed by the way the mosquitoes come up to me for a meal and then discover that they have to stay at least 16 inches away!!

WJ Cleaton

West Palm Beach


Like many horse owners, I have tried just about every fly spray on the market trying to find the perfect one. Nature's Own is simply the best! I own and operate a 27 stall boarding and training facility in South Florida, flies are here all year round.  We have tried other so called natural products but the results have always fallen short of my expectation, but not with Nature's Own, flies are almost eliminated. I also provide therapy programs for the community and many parents are wary of any type of chemical being used around their children. I love being able to tell them that they and their children are safe. If you haven't tried Nature's Own products, you need to! It is effective, it's affordable, and it doesn't cause reactions on any of my sensitive horses or clients. Overall, this is the best fly spray I have ever used!

Dawn B.

Signature Stables,

Plantation, FL