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Pet Health

We know how important your pets are to your family. As such you do not want to treat them with chemicals that, as in humans, may cause them terrible illnesses. We have learned over the years that many of the products sold in vet and pet stores are toxic to not only pets but also to you and your family. The chemicals you put on your pets will transmit to your family when you play, carry and caress them.

Nature's Own Solutions offers you natural product alternatives to harmful chemicals.

Cedar Oil has been used for insect control as far back as the Egyptians and our specially formulated cedar oil products are designed to be used together to obtain the best results for total insect control on your pets, in your home and on your lawn. Our MEAN Green is meant to be used when you SEE a flea or tick on your pet.... But, it can also be used as a direct kill spray for any insect..... Our ECO Green is a concentrate you mix with water at different dilutions for specific insect control. It can be used as a monthly or bi-monthly inside spraying AND for spraying your lawn & plants to keep fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other pests away. The basic dilution is 4oz per 1 gallon warm water.

For your pets we suggest treating your lawn with ECO Green, spraying the dog with a dilution of ECO Green before they go outside and if they get a flea or tick, you spray it with MEAN Green to kill it almost instantly.... This is how to keep Toxic spot drop flea meds off your pets & to deal with insects safely and organically for the health & well being of your pet, family and the planet.

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What Clients Say

We are proud to get great feedback from our customers. But the praise should be for our customers that are health and environment conscious.

Read them, you will find the different applications and the awesome results our customers are getting with products from Nature's Own Solutions.


I have been giving everyone the "nod" about Natures Defender. Inside, outside; ants, fleas, mosquitoes, white flies, palmetto bugs, plant pests, scale, ....

Like many horse owners, I have tried just about every fly spray on the market trying to find the perfect one. Nature's Own is simply the best! I own and operate a 27 stall boarding and training fac....