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Don't let Fleas Make a meals
out of your Family and Pets.

Enjoy Your Lawn Again!

You can
find Nature's Own Solutions

Keep Your pets healthy and happy!

You care
About your Family's Health, So do we.

Outdoor Home Protection

Having pests outdoors means they are able to find their way into your home and may end up adversely affecting your family's health and well-being. The first action a home owner usually takes is to buy all kinds of pesticides that are harmful to humans, these might eliminate pests living in your lawn, but at the same time it becomes a toxic area full of toxic chemicals where your children cannot play.

Enjoy your lawn again! Nature's Own Solutions offers safer alternatives to the usual toxic chemicals to eliminate and/or repel a variety of harmful insects that may transmit diseases and/or cause costly damages to your home.

Ask your Pest Control or Landscape professional to contact us and use Natural Cedar Oil from Nature's Own Solutions and keep your lawn or garden toxic free. Our Cedar Oil products are bio-based, organic alternatives to the commonly used pesticides.

We strive to offer only products that are safe for your children, your pets and the environment. Whether it's our ECO Green concentrate, our MEAN Green Flea/Tick Spray, our RidAWeed or our Lawn Safe organic fertilizer..... You can be assured that we always test our products ourselves before we ever offer them to our customers to attest to their safety and effectiveness.

Featured Products

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What Clients Say

We are proud to get great feedback from our customers. But the praise should be for our customers that are health and environment conscious.

Read them, you will find the different applications and the awesome results our customers are getting with products from Nature's Own Solutions.


I have been giving everyone the "nod" about Natures Defender. Inside, outside; ants, fleas, mosquitoes, white flies, palmetto bugs, plant pests, scale, ....

Like many horse owners, I have tried just about every fly spray on the market trying to find the perfect one. Nature's Own is simply the best! I own and operate a 27 stall boarding and training fac....