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out of your Family and Pets.

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$259.95 *Price will be varry based on the gallon



Used for in-door flea treatments, out-door patio mosquito treatments, barns, dairies, large warehouses

Designed to control flying insects and other pests that inhabit your yard or structures. This lightweight six-pound hand-held ULTRA LOW VOLUME nonthermal fogger emits a "Chemical Free " COLD FOG that will penetrate the hardest to reach points in your home, barn, yard, vegetable garden, or poultry house. Easy to carry about or just set it up as a stationary unit on your back porch to rid your space free from Mosquito, No-See-Um, Flea, Bed Bugs, mice, and other pests. Use it as an AIR DUCT cleaner to rid your furnace or AC of dust mites and odor-causing bacteria. The adjustable VMD (droplet size) allows for wet or dry fog applications that can be used safely inside or in open-air conditions. A must for any household that is subject to biting or crawling insects. For inside Flea, Bed Bug, Scorpion infestations - use fluid to effectively eliminate the problem with a one-time treatment. Used by the Hospitality Industry to rid rooms of insects and excessive tobacco odor.