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Nature Seal 1 GALLON Wood and Concrete Sealer

$59.95 *Price will be varry based on the gallon



ONETIME LIFETIME treatment. The ultimate in WOOD PRESERVATION. This dynamic product triggers the early stages of WOOD PETRIFICATION. Nature Seal is a PENETRANT, not a coating. Treat your OLD OR NEW deck, dock, fence, outdoor furniture, equine center, and any other wooden or bamboo construction with this dynamic Cedar Oil and Silicone solution. Nature Seal unique penetrating ability gets to the core of the wood and delivers a water, insect and decay proof treatment that will eliminate splitting, checking, cupping and expansion or contraction of the wood. Fastener rejection is eliminated. Strength is increased by fiber and cellular adhesion. STOPS DECAY AND ROT IN EXISTING STRUCTURES. Nature Seal provides protection in below zero to 130f degree temperatures. Can be used inside or outside. Apply using a compression sprayer, air or airless paint guns, brush or roller. Simple and preferred application using a garden sprayer is recommended. Water or oil based paints and stains can effectively be applied after treatment. The composition of Nature Seal meets FDA FOOD GRADE requirements that are considered "SAFE FOR CHILDREN AND PETS". This product may be used to encapsulate ACQ, CCA and other toxic wood treatments found in PLAYGROUND equipment.