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out of your Family and Pets.

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$219.95 *Price will be varry based on the gallon



Everything you need to control insects in your home, on your Pets, and on your Lawn. Combining the benefits of the Indoor Kit with the ECO Green concentrate's repellant capabilities for indoors as well as for lawn/turf insects and for your flowers and vegetables. Recommended by prudent VET'S as a replacement to toxic and non-effective Frontline, Advantage, and other SPOT DROP PET MEDS killing your pets. Invented for the US Army for control of Sand Fleas and other pests in the Middle East. Natures Defender will undoubtedly go down in history as the most effective parasite control formulation ever brought to market. NO APPLICATORS LICENSE IS REQUIRED. No toxic chemicals in this product. Just food-grade aromatic Red Cedar Oil and melted Quartz Rock. A genuine BIO-based insect control agent. Not only does it command INSTANT DEATH to its arthropod recipients, but it can also be used on humans as a repellent for Mosquitoes, Chiggers, No-See-Um's, Flies, and an array of other biting and flying pests. LAST RESORT MITE TREATMENT! Tested and proven by Iowa State University and acknowledged by the USDA as the number one choice of BIO Based Pesticides. THE PRODUCT OF CHOICE BY MAJOR HOTELS FOR BED BUG CONTROL. Natures Defender can be used on babies, including newborn puppies and kittens. The unique formulation prohibits solution migration into the bloodstream and subsequently, unlike DEET products, has a ZERO effect on your nervous system. Heavy treatment levels will not create nausea in Cats and Dogs when used for the elimination of FLEA INFESTATIONS. Natures Defender can be used for the treatment of all types of wood, cloth & leather furniture, bed and mattress, carpets, and any other surface. Will not stain or attract dirt. KILLS FLEAS, Bed Bugs, and Lice INSTANTLY. Natures Defender also dissolves the eggs and larvae. Kills Sugar and Fire Ants upon contact. Excellent for treatment of HEAD LICE in children and adults. Natures Defender will not burn the scalp or destroy hair follicles such as chemical treatments are known to do. Use Natures Defender for parasite control in your home, barn, hotel/motel, or any commercial establishment. Application Rate: 1 gallon per 1000 square foot surface area using the compression sprayer.


1 Gallon Mean Green, 1 compression sprayer, 1 Quart ECO Green and 1 Hose end sprayer.

Natures Defender works great as a scent mask for hunters while keeping the insects away. To use just apply a fine mist from any of the three sprayers. Contact with most insects will trigger immediate death. The pheromone interruption agents in Cedar Oil will create a barrier of entry making areas treated with Natures Defender off limits to pests. Proven superior to any chemical counterpart available.