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$97.95 *Price will be varry based on the gallon



Usage Instruction
Mix at a minimum of 4oz. to 1 gal. water for Monthly maintenance spraying agendas Indoors. Makes enough for 4-6 months of monthly treatments indoors.

Use a minimum of 8oz. in a hose-end sprayer and a minimum of 16oz. in Fertigation systems.

ECO is a specially designed and internally modified 85% Cedar Oil Concentrate formulation created for delivery as an insect control solution in MISTING SYSTEMS and WATER STREAM INJECTION TECHNOLOGY. ECO is 100% miscible in water and leaves a ZERO NO STAIN residual on plant life, concrete, stone, and wood structure when delivered through misting nozzles or irrigation sprinkler heads. Unlike Pyrethroid substance previously used in this type of insect control, ECO's high carbon content increases microbial activity in the plant life and soil rather than destroying it. ECO has no effect on Sight Driven Beneficial Insects such as Honey Bee's, Lady Bugs, Butterflies, and other pollinators. It will not harm Amphibians such as Frogs and Toads. ECO is a repellent and also an insect killer. The aroma of Cedar Oil impairs the mental capacity of nonbeneficial insects affecting the pheromone instincts that guide them to all matter, human or other. The Cedar aroma triggers the exodus of the insect and if departure is not immediate, the insect becomes overwhelmed and will succumb. The departure of the insect interrupts the egg layer cycle and eliminates the next generation of pests. ECO will dissolve the insect egg and larvae by eroding its exoskeleton which subsequently dehydrates that substance. The Aroma of Cedar Oil provides a barrier of re-entry by masking the Karimone (aroma) of all matter in the treated area. Heat Seeking and Pheromone driven VENOMOUS SNAKES are deterred by ECO and will evacuate and avoid treated areas. Unlike Pyrethroid or Pyrethrum solutions, ECO has no links to Autism and no estrogen elevation issues that are proven to promote Breast Cancer in females, humans, or animals.