Indoor Home Protection

Your home is supposed to be a safe environment for your family. The truth is that most substances you use around your house to keep it clean and insect and rodent free, are toxic chemicals to which your family is exposed on a daily basis, increasing their risk of terrible illnesses such as cancer and asthma, as well as learning disabilities like autism and ADHD.

If you are to consider only one area to protect with safer natural alternatives it must be inside your home which is where your family spends most of their time.

Nature's Own Solutions offers safer alternatives to the usual toxic chemicals you use inside your house when dealing with eventual insect issues.

Our Cedar Oil products are proven effective for flea infestations in the home and yard. Our ECO Green is used for your monthly or bi-monthly indoor preventative spraying and in your lawn to control lawn insects such as ants. fleas. cinch bugs and others. Our MEAN Green is ideal for use in a fogging agenda for infestations of fleas, ticks, bed bugs etc...AND can be used as a personal insect repellant.

All Natural Cedar Oil Product
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Our Price: $97.95

Mix at a minimum of 4oz. to 1 gal. water for Monthly maintenance spraying agendas Indoors. Makes enough for 4-6 months of monthly treatments indoors.

Use a minimum of 8oz. in a Hose end sprayer and a minimum of 16oz. in Fertigation systems.

ECO is a specially designed and internally modified 85% Cedar Oil Concentrate formulation created for delivery as an insect control solution in MISTING SYSTEMS and WATER STREAM INJECTION TECHNOLOGY. ECO is 100% miscible in water and leaves a ZERO NO STAIN residual on plant life, concrete, stone and wood structure when delivered through misting nozzles or irrigation sprinkler heads. Unlike Pyrethroid substance previously used in this type of insect control, ECO's high carbon content increases microbial activity in the plant life and soil rather than destroying it. ECO has no effect on Sight Driven Beneficial Insects such as Honey Bee's, Lady Bugs, Butterflies and other pollinators. It will not harm Amphibians such as Frogs and Toads. ECO is a repellent and also a insect killer. The aroma of Cedar Oil impairs the mental capacity of non beneficial insects affecting their pheromone instincts that guide them to all matter, human or other. The Cedar aroma triggers the exodus of the insect and if departure is not immediate, the insect becomes overwhelmed and will succumb. Departure of the insect interrupts the egg layer cycle and eliminates the next generation of pest. ECO will dissolve the insect egg and larvae by eroding its exoskeleton which subsequently dehydrates that substance. The Aroma of Cedar Oil provides a barrier of re-entry by masking the Karimone (aroma) of all matter in the treated area. Heat Seeking and Pheromone driven VENOMOUS SNAKES are deterred by ECO and will evacuate and avoid treated areas . Unlike Pyrethroid or Pyrethrum solutions, ECO has no links to Autism and no estrogen elevation issues that are proven to promote Breast Cancer in females, human or animal.

All Natural Cedar Oil Product
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Our Price: $35.95

Our MEAN Green 32 oz spray is great for spraying on your pets to kill fleas and ticks ON YOUR DOG OR CAT! And can also be used as a direct kill spray for a variety of insects including Fleas, Ticks, Bed Bugs, Silverfish, Ants and Roaches. It can ALSO be used to kill Head Lice: just spray lightly on head, work into hair and scalp and cover with a shower cap for at least 30/60 min. Lice eggs should powderize as you comb them out.

To REPEL insects from attaching themselves to your Pets, use a Dilution of either the Vet's Choice or ECO Green concentrates.

All Natural Cedar Oil Product
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Our Price: $109.95

Our Mean Green Gallon is ideal for Fogging agendas for Flea, Tick and Bed Bug Infestations as well as a refill for 4oz, 16oz and 32oz spray bottles. Available in cases for Hotels, Motels, Boarding & Rooming houses and Dormitories. Fogger sold separately. Call for case pricing.
All Natural Cedar Oil Product
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Our Price: $124.95

Everything you need to control a breakout of any indoor insect infestation.

Mean Green eliminates Fleas, Ticks, BedBugs, Silverfish and other non-beneficial insects from inside your home.

Recommended by prudent VET'S as a replacement to toxic and non effective Frontline, Advantage and other SPOT DROP PET MEDS killing your pets. Invented for the US Army for control of Sand Fleas and other pests in the Middle East. This Product will undoubtedly go down in history as the most effective parasite control formulation ever brought to market. NO APPLICATORS LICENSE REQUIRED. Just food grade aromatic Red Cedar Oil and melted Quartz Rock. A genuine BIO based insect control agent. Not only does it command INSTANT DEATH to its arthropod recipients, it can be used on humans as a repellent for Mosquitoes, Chiggers, No-See-Um's, Flies and a array of other biting and flying pests. LAST RESORT MITE TREATMENT! Tested and proven by Iowa State University and acknowledged by the USDA as the number one choice of BIO Based Pesticides. THE PRODUCT OF CHOICE BY MAJOR HOTELS FOR BED BUG CONTROL. Natures Defender can be used on babies, including newborn puppies and kittens. The unique formulation prohibits solution migration into the bloodstream and subsequently, unlike DEET products, has ZERO effect on your nervous system. Heavy treatment levels will not create nausea in Cats and Dogs when used for elimination of FLEA INFESTATIONS. Natures Defender can be used for the treatment of all types wood,cloth & leather furniture, bed and mattress, carpets and any other surface. Will not stain or attract dirt. KILLS FLEAS, Bed Bugs and Lice INSTANTLY. Natures Defender also dissolves the eggs and larvae. Kills Sugar and Fire Ants upon contact. Excellent for treatment of HEAD LICE in children and adults. Natures Defender will not burn the scalp or destroy hair follicles such as chemical treatments are known do. Use Natures Defender for parasite control in your home, barn, hotel/motel or any commercial establishment. Application Rate: 1 gallon per 1000 square foot surface area using the compression sprayer. Not for use on plant life.

The INDOOR ERADICATION KIT includes one Gallon of Natures Defender and Compression Sprayer.

Natures Defender works great as a scent mask for hunters while keeping the insects away. To use just apply aine mist from any of the three sprayers. Contact with most insects will trigger immediate death. The pheromone interruption agents in Cedar Oil will create a barrier of entry making areas treated with Natures Defender off limits to pests. Proven superior to any chemical counterpart available.

All Natural Cedar Oil Product
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Indoor Compression Sprayer

Our Price: $21.95

Our compression sprayer can be used with BOTH our MEAN Green indoors for Flea, Tick or Bed Bug treatments, or to spray your Pets to give them relief from biting insects. It can also be used with our ECO Green Dilution for spraying indoors monthly or for flowers and vegetables.
All Natural Cedar Oil Product
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Our Price: $259.95

Used for in-door flea treatments, out-door patio mosquito treatments, barns, dairies, large warehouses

Designed to control flying insects and other pests that inhabit your yard or structures. This light weight six pound hand held ULTRA LOW VOLUME non thermal fogger emits a "Chemical Free " COLD FOG that will penetrate the hardest to reach points in your home, barn, yard, vegetable garden or poultry house. Easy to carry about or just set it up as a stationery unit on your back porch to rid your space free from Mosquito, No-See-Um, Flea, Bed Bugs, mite and other pests. Use it as a AIR DUCT cleaner to rid your furnace or AC of dust mites and odor causing bacteria.The adjustable VMD (droplet size) allows for wet or dry fog applications that can be used safely inside or in open air conditions. A must for any household that is subject to biting or crawling insects. For inside Flea, Bed Bug, Scorpion infestations - use fluid to effectively eliminate the problem with a one time treatment. Used by the Hospitality Industry to rid rooms from insects and excessive tobacco odor.