Pros and Cons of Organic Pest Control

Two million tons of pest control pesticides are being used yearly all over the world. This figure includes both conventional and organic pest control solutions. Since organic pest control pesticides have no or less adverse impact on the environment, it is up to the people to choose which one they should choose.

According to researchers, conventional harsh chemicals pose a serious threat not only to the environment but to family members, pets, and landscaping. This is the reason; there is an increased demand for green pest control methods and services. A number of companies today offer the best organic pest control solutions that can deliver outstanding results.

This article will let you know the pros and cons of the organic pest control solution.

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What is organic pest control?

Organic pest control refers to the techniques or methods of controlling pests using a natural substance like cedar oil. This organic substance will excellently control the insects and eradicate them. As a result, your lawn or yard will be free from pests and there will be no adverse impact on the family or pets.

Pros of organic pest control

There are several advantages to grab from organic pest control. Some of them are mentioned here.

1.Environmental friendly

The best part of organic pest control is, they don’t have any adverse impact on the environment. Unlike conventional pest control solutions, these green pest control products leave no toxic residues in the soil. Plus, you can get rid of the annoying bugs without harming the friendly insects.

2. Better preservation of landscape

Everyone loves living in elegant and cheerful surroundings and plants can contribute a lot to beautifying homes. If you don’t protect your plants and grass, they will make your landscape unappealing. Since natural pesticides don’t expose plants to toxic chemicals; the landscape won’t lose its charm.

3. Safe for human

When you use toxic-free spray,  you don’t have to worry about the health of your kids and pets because the substances are completely safe. Plus, it emits fewer odors and minimal staining compared to synthetic ones.

4. Pests can’t develop resistance to organic pesticides

Pests can develop resistance if they are constantly exposed to harsh chemicals and this resistance can be passed to generations. Due to the different biological compositions of organic pest control, pests can’t develop resistance and they can’t withstand these pesticides.

Cons of organic pest control

Though organic pest control has numerous advantages, it has also some downsides. Some of them are mentioned here.

Organic pest control can be costly

The process of preparing organic pesticides is complex and lengthy. So, they are costly compared to conventional treatments. However, investing in organic pest control will keep the pests at bay for a long time and in this way, you will save resources.

Needs extra time and effort to use

Since natural pesticides are not as strong as their synthetic counterparts; you need extra time to know how to use them properly. In such conditions, you have to hire a professional to apply these pesticides.

These are a few things that make organic pest control less popular but when looking at the larger and long-term effects, organic pest control is the smart way to go.