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Slick brochures from lawncare companies and pesticide manufacturers are meant to play games with your mind. While it may be a common scene in the US, the image of happy, playful children doesn't tell the whole story. It lacks the truth about the destruction of the beneficial insects, the soil's water absorption capability, the health of the lawn itself, and most importantly, the health of your precious family and pets. It doesn't tell you of the long-term health effects that may not be evident until after your child reaches puberty or even later. Nor does it mention the fact that these poisons are passed on to future generations of both your family and the natural life in and around your home.

Since 2009 Nature's Own Solutions has been dedicated to protecting you and your family's health from the serious dangers of pesticides and other chemicals by offering safe and effective natural all organic alternatives.

Pest control is necessary for keeping a safe environment inside and outside your home, normal pesticides found at your local grocery or home improvement stores are full of harmful chemicals that have been proven dangerous to your health. Pesticides are the second most common source of childhood poisonings.

Recent studies show that:

  • Children have a 50% higher incidence of leukemia if their mothers are exposed to pesticides in the home up to three months before a pregnancy, during or after it.
  • Children under age two have 10 times the adult risk of developing cancer after pesticide and other chemical exposures; ages 3-15 have triple the risk.
  • Children have a greater risk of developing asthma by age five after pesticide exposure within the first year of life.

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Our mission is to provide you with effective natural all organic alternatives to chemicals you use around your house, lawn, on your pets and on your children. Nature has provided us with its own natural solutions. Made in the USA, the products that Nature's Own Solutions offers are guaranteed to be produced with the highest quality standards and are made with the health and needs of American households in mind.

Our insect control products are made with fractionated cedar oil which has been used for 1000's of years for pest control. Whether it's our cedar oil spray, MEAN Green, our ECO Green concentrate for home spraying and organic lawn care or our 15 yr. Nature Seal wood & concrete sealer/termicide ...... they all contain some amount of cedar oil as an active ingredient so you can be sure you are using safe pesticides for the health of your family, your pets and the planet.
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Insects and vermin transmit diseases that can put your family's health in danger, chemical pesticides might kill them, but also poison you, your family and the environment.

Please navigate our site to learn more, the evidence is clear: insect borne illnesses, such as the West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease and Bird Flu are spreading and becoming endemic to the USA. Nature's Own Solutions can protect you, your kids, your pets and the environment by providing you with natural products that are safer and healthier than chemical pesticides that are shown to be toxic for people, pets and the environment.

Natural Solutions for Pet Health

Natural Solutions for Pet Health

Natural Solutions for Pet Health

Natural Solutions for Pet Health